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Jesus Christ, the Lord and Head of the Church, calls men and women to be servant-leaders for God’s people.  At. St. Andrew’s, this calling is fulfilled not only by church staff, but also by church officers.  The officers are men and women elected by the congregation to serve as elders on the Session.

The session of St. Andrew’s is composed of 10 church members and the pastor.  The elders are responsible for discerning God’s presence and direction for the congregation so that we can fulfill our mission to Share the Joy of Life in Christ!  They do this through reading the Bible and praying for our community and caring for the spiritual needs of our members. As members of ministry teams they provide opportunities and resources to equip the members of St. Andrew’s to Share the Joy of Life in Christ!

Session Members

  • Worship: Garrett Mitchener

  • Witness: Crystal Heffner

  • Christian Education: Smith Blackburn

  • Personnel & Administration: Darlene Moomau

  • Building & Grounds: Lew Flader

  • Finance: Gracen Watts

  • Clerk of Session: Alan Rousseau

  • Hospitality & Safety:  Mary Catherine James


  • Pastor: Dr. George "Spike" Coleman

  • Director of Children & Youth Ministries: Onalee Avinger

  • Music Director: Heather Reed

  • Organist/Pianist: Arshak Sirunyan

  • Artist in Residence: Alex Collier

  • Administrative Assistant: Mary Ann Hilton

  • Financial Secretary: Bob Ingram

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